Discover your child's personality type to learn how best to guide them to SUCCESS in friendships, schooling, family, and the future.

I'm Randy Pardue, and I've worked with families all my life to bring out the best in everyone. Humans instinctively fit into society for mutual survival, and we tend to do it in one of four distinctly different ways, which helps us to identify their personality type.

We know these types as the Golden Retriever, the Beaver, the Otter, and the Lion, and we've found that everyone fits into one or other of them!

When we understand which one of the four ways our family members follow, we can celebrate their strengths and work on their weaknesses as a family, for flourishing harmony.

So let’s discover your family members’ types, and share them with each other for bonding and growth together.

Start the quiz, and for each situation check the answer that best describes them.

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